Royal Rangers & Mpact Girls Awards Night

Royal Rangers & Mpact Girls Awards Night

Parents, relatives and friends are invited to join us for a special night to end out this school year!  The night will take place at 6:45pm in the sanctuary at Hillside and will feature all the boys and girls who have been involved in Mpact Girls and Ranger Boys ministries this past year.  They will give you a taste of what they have learned and show off the awards they earned as well.  It's sure to be a special night!

Teens will be in the gym this night and will be having their very own Ignite's Got Talent Show!

The night will finish out with everyone in the gym eating ice cream sundaes!  What a treat!  We will have everything wrapped up by 8:15pm.

Teri von Brevern
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5890 State Highway 22, Gillett, WI 54124

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